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The Planning Tool Every Household Needs

Sep 21, 2017 | Posted by in Family, Lifestyle, Married Life, Uncategorized | 0

A Budget. OK wait, before you click that ‘x’ in the upper right corner, let’s be honest…this isn’t a fun topic at all. In fact, I’d argue that a lot of us try to avoid budgeting completely in our life and especially in our marriages because 1) it causes conflict, 2) we have to defer gratification and 3) the real kicker… our pride. I don’t want to lie to you and tell you this blog post is going to solve all 3 of those things for you. However, my husband, Ben, and I agree that budgeting is a total game changer. So hopefully this encourages you to start the conversation with your spouse and TOGETHER take control of your finances with a budget. And if you aren’tRead more …

11 Ways Meal Planning Changed My Week

Sep 17, 2016 | Posted by in Lifestyle, Uncategorized | 0

My husband and I have been using Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System with our budget for about a month now. If you don’t know what that is, then I’d say it’s definitely worth a look. We are almost a year into our 3 year deadline to kill the rest of our debt. We’ve been chipping away at it little by little over the past few years and we finally just said enough is enough…we have dreams and we need that extra money to accomplish them. So we’ve gotten pretty serious about our money. Because of the envelope system we started meal planning to avoid the risk of overspending in our grocery budget every week. And although we started doing it for the budget, meal planning has helpedRead more …